Marketing Opportunities

  • Customized Advertising Flexibility
    High advertising flexibility available, accommodating small businesses as well as large corporations.
  • High Quality Advertising
    The cost per contact is less than a postage stamp, while being able to effectively reach an adult audience on a daily basis.
  • An Unique Media Platform


  1. An unique and effective advertising platform
  2. 100% View Rate
  3. 100% Adult Audience
  4. 100% Effective
  5. Multiplied view rate, 3 to 5 times
  6. Reaching more than 180,000 target demographics at key decision making times – morning and evening
  7. Viewed also in an uncluttered environment, at home

What type of advertising could we deliver?

  • Equity Messaging: our unique and effective platform can build awareness, deliver and promote product news, launches, highlight product attributes and special upcoming events, to satisfy any specific customer acquisition needs
  • We offer an effective platform for delivering coupons, rebates and other manufacturer and retailer incentives. Promotions and incentive programs are ways of making your consumers aware of how much you appreciate their support. Brands looking to increase sales, compensate loyal customers and recover lost clients can rely on our  network to reach a high-value demographic
  • We offer highly efficient methods of delivering your samples to your target audience. Launching a product sample distribution program with us is more effective and significantly less costly than traditional direct mail or in-store sampling