How it works:

  • Digital proof is supplied
  • Covers are delivered to dry cleaners (our project’s partners)
  • Dry cleaners deliver covers with the cleaned garment
  • Clothing + cover get picked up by the consumers
  • Covers receive multiple impressions until brought in consumers’ home and/or office


  • Covers printed in 4 colors (magazine quality)
  • In-house ad design available
  • Hanging advertising customized for each dry cleaner network, added to cover
  • Coupons can be printed to monitor redemption rate


  • For each of the advertising-spaces, Create.Tiff Stuff will provide its clients with the gross dimensions of the chosen advertising space
  • Create.Tiff Stuff could offer creation and DTP services, on request basis
  • Layouts should be provided until the 15th of each month for the incoming month issue