How we came to the IDEA?

From the advertising perspective, almost all companies, irrespective of  size, are facing a highly competitive environment and challenging economic times
Consumers are over-informed in most of the areas they intend to make a purchase.
Companies are looking for new, more efficient advertising tools and new communication mixes.


Create-Tiff Stuff will produce and distribute FREE-OF-CHARGE hanging cardboard covers, printed with advertising, to the dry cleaning companies which are partners in our project.
The hanging-covers will be delivered to the dry-cleaning shops’ customers on the hangers carrying the cleaned clothes.


What is it?

The hanging covers are a creative and cost effective marketing platform, offering advertisers unprecedented reach, frequency and consumer intimacy

It is a high impact, creative delivery platform

It is an awesome in-home marketing, through the network of dry cleaners, offering (today) a monthly circulation of more than 100,000 clothes-hangers and 80,000 laundry-packages